Debut blog post

I have decided to start blogging for a couple of reasons. Many people are curious about how I cope, what I do with my day and what it’s like to live as a disabled person. It’s not all doom and gloom, although it’s not a bed of roses either. I guess I want people to learn that despite having MND/ALS, I still get joy and meaning out of life.

I hate, hate, hate pity. Got that? So this is not a vehicle for a ‘pity party’, ok?! I envisage this blog to be a honest and wry insight into a world from the perspective of a recently disabled person. I never had any friends or family with a physical disability, so I had really never thought about it before. I now experience life from a completely different angle and, boy oh boy, I have learnt so much about people – good and bad. This is what I am most excited about sharing with you and I promise to give you a few laughs along the way.

Sharon x

Author: Sharon Friel

In 2012 at the age of 38, I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease/ALS. A death sentence with an expected term of 1,000 days; I've since bypassed my expiry date. Although paralyzed from the shoulders down and voiceless, I am still here, still living my life. Wife, mother, daughter and sister; family is what makes this all bearable. Before MND hijacked my life, I was CEO/Manager of a Credit Union and loved exploring the outdoors - cycling, walking and kayaking.

2 thoughts on “Debut blog post”

  1. Sharon you are totally amazing, your description of this horrible disease is heartbreaking but you still manage to give a lighter side to it and make people feel comfortable. You are truly an inspiration xx


  2. Sharon … I am so glad that you decided to write about your journey for the world to see. When I read your blog posts I don’t feel pity, so don’t worry about that : ) Your words will help people understand many things and give inspiration to those who are dealing with debilitating diseases. MND will take away many things from you, but it can’t take away the amazing woman I believe you have always been.

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