Introducing Robot – Boy 2.0 and The Rabbit in the Hat.

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year. I was never into dressing up but that was before I had a kid! Now the big kid inside me has been unleashed and there’s no going back now!

For the past 6 years we have a lovely tradition of going Trick or Treat-ing with our friends. The kids and mums dress up, while the dads carry the excess loot!

It’s the one time of year where I can do the same as everyone else and just fit right in!

Happy Halloween to all you pumpkins!!

Halloween group j

Author: Sharon Friel

In 2012 at the age of 38, I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease/ALS. A death sentence with an expected term of 1,000 days; I've since bypassed my expiry date. Although paralyzed from the shoulders down and voiceless, I am still here, still living my life. Wife, mother, daughter and sister; family is what makes this all bearable. Before MND hijacked my life, I was CEO/Manager of a Credit Union and loved exploring the outdoors - cycling, walking and kayaking.

10 thoughts on “Boo!”

  1. Hi Sharon Boo to you. Yeah kids do love to dress up and Holloween brings out the big kid in us all, you always have a great sence of fun and Senan obviously has that too. I must reset my password as I cant reply to your blog as I have forgotten it. Big hugs to you. Thinking of you, great lady, Fiona Murphy .

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  2. And it wasn’t raining!
    I was so bad this year I didn’t even get a pumpkin😐
    Lit lots of candles though – does that count?
    So much fun to see all the little ones all dressed up and excited. And the parents looking pretty much out of place really.
    You big child Sharon. 👻🎃
    Hope you’d a good one🍭

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  3. Hi Sharon, you all look great in your costumes. Im guessing there were plenty of fireworks also. I always remember peoples gates used to get stolen around Trim at Halloween haha.

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  4. Dear Sharon you are the most amazing inspirational person. Thank you so much for blogging, it will help, inform and inspire so many other people.

    Wishing you the very very best of family time.

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