My name is Sharon Friel [Murphy], welcome to my blog.

Did you ever see a person paralyzed in a wheelchair and think to yourself – I’d rather be dead? I did, I’m sure at least once. Life is all about perspective. I now look at people in self propelled wheelchairs and wish I could be like them.

Everybody has a story to tell, here is mine…

In August 2012 my life and my family’s lives changed forever when I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND/ALS). Those three words MND summed up the rest of my life…..this was how my life was going to end; my dreams, plans and future all seemed to evaporate that fateful day.

What started out as a slight limp in my left leg, eight months later turned into a diagnoses of MND. At the time I was 38 years of age, happily married, our beautiful son was only 3 years old and my career had taken off; this was certainly something we never imagined would happen. I had a relatively healthy diet, exercised regularly, my family were all healthy too – where did this come from and why was it happening to me? I will never know the answer to this, nobody does.

For me, MND has been a rapid decline, it forces you to live with the ongoing loss and grief of your old life and former self. Within a year of being diagnosed I was in a wheelchair, no longer able to walk. Four months later, I needed assistance to carry out my daily routine. Another year passed and I lost the ability to speak. Barely able to make a noise, I now depend on technology for a voice.

It’s now Autumn 2017, I can no longer move my arms. I drive my wheelchair with a set of head controls that attach to my head rest. I communicate via my Eye Gaze computer, it’s incredible technology; I speak, text, email and blog through it. It’s my lifeline – life would be hell without it.

Curious about how this life is still worth living? Well, follow my blog and find out.

Sharon x

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MND is known in America as ALS or Lou Gerhig’s disease.